Types of Music


Though jazz music has been fading from the music scene for a number of years, some jazz artists have changed their tune and moved into world music. Some people say this is more of a spiritual type of music, or related to nature and the environment. But it is clearly a type of music that continues to grow in popularity.

Former jazz artist Keiko Matsui has been one pianist that has made this transition, and attained some notable successes. She is probably the number one female pianist in the world, and definitely in the top 5 of all pianists. But her musical style combines her jazz roots with her composing skills to create a very different type of music. She also performs regularly in Russia, avoiding the political wrangling between the two countries. If music is said to be a unifying force in the world, Keiko Matsui is a good example of music in action.

Having been born in Japan but currently residing in the United States, she can attribute some of success to avoiding sidestepping the political land mines that American musical artists often have to watch for. What surprises many new fans is that she has started her career as a pianist at age 5. She does not consider her tours and music to be ay kind of political statement, but a search for greater personal spirituality in her own life.

Her 2002 concert in her homeland of Japan is a clear example of the wide variety of music she is capable of composing and performing. You can see her jazz roots and the beginning of her transition from jazz to world music.